Brooke’s knowledge and guidance has completely changed our life. That may sound extreme but after 2 years of no sleep and trying everything imaginable for our son we were spent, exhausted, and living in distress. After about a week on her sleep plan he started sleeping through the night and without protesting! Weeks later he still continues to sleep 10-12 hour nights and takes a regular nap. He previously would wake 1-3 times a night and protest bed time for up to an hour climbing out of his crib and crying and throwing a tantrum. It feels like magic. Trust Brooke. She will change your life.
— Whitney, Utah

We were at our wit’s end when I contacted Brooke three weeks ago. We had a 5-month-old who refused to nap/sleep since she was two weeks old. She would only take one or two 10-15min cat naps during the day and was up every 20 minutes at night… not to mention she was extremely fussy and irritable due to exhaustion. I hesitate to include how terrible of a state we came from prior to contacting Brooke, because I don’t think it requires the most extreme case to hire a sleep consultant.

Brooke has equipped us (more than my pediatrician + countless hours of online research) with the tools and confidence to attend to my daughter, Ellie. I was able to work through my fears and bad habits with Brooke to give Ellie the most amazing gift — the ability to sleep and feel rested. Right now I am sitting here typing while Ellie is on her third nap of the day. She is sleeping through the night with only one waking to feed… after TWO WEEKS!?!

Honestly, my husband and I simply accepted that we just had one of the “hard” babies and would need to endure this stage… that is until I met Brooke. She has changed our lives in the best sleep-filled way. Brooke provided us with a thorough, personalized sleep plan full of research-based information and tips. She is an on-call expert. Not only was she providing helpful information, but she gave me the emotional support when I needed it (heaven knows I needed it). I would hire her again and again.

This is a terribly long review (I’m sorry), but when the lack of sleep robs you of seeing your daughter’s happy, smiley personality, I feel it’s too important not to take an active approach. Brooke is amazing. I can’t get enough of my happy, well-rested Ellie. If in doubt (which I definitely was reluctant to hire a sleep coach... dang pride), just message her for a quick (totally free) consultation. Brooke has you and your child’s best interests at heart.
— Chelsea, Utah

I was completely against hiring someone to help me get my son to sleep. It shouldn’t be that hard to teach him to sleep. I finally hit my breaking point, swallowed my pride and set up a meeting with Brooke. The only regret I have is not doing this sooner. My son (6 months) went from having to be bounced or nursed to sleep for naps and bedtime. He would only sleep with me and would wake up every 45 minutes to an hour to nurse back to sleep l. He and I were both exhausted! Brooke set up a plan that gave us direction and confidence. She helped us change his environment, routine and habits without making me or my husband feel like we were to blame (we were completely to blame). We are a week into the sleep plan and we are finally getting the sleep that we both needed. I would hire Brooke without any hesitation. Thank you Brooke for giving us the gift of sleep.
— Erin, North Carolina

I thought that with our second baby I knew how to do it all. Our first child we didn’t have a problem getting him to sleep, sure we hit some rough spots here and there but we all made it through. With our second she was practically sleeping through the night by 2 months old! Until we hit about 4 1/2 months. She went from waking up once a night to feed to every 2 to 3 hours. We were going insane not getting a goods night sleep. I researched, read books, asked friends, it seemed like nothing I was doing was working. Finally I saw a friend post about Brooke and I instantly booked a free consult. After talking with Brooke and learning about what she could help us do (which to be honest I was doubtful at first because I thought I had done everything and my baby was just impossible) we gave it a go. It took one day and one night. Yup that’s it. Of course we had some hiccups during the first week but nothing we couldn’t handle. Brooke helped with all the speed bumps along the way and made sure we all were happy and confident with how things were going. To say we were amazed, relieved, and well rested is an understatement. I would never hesitate to call Brooke again if we had another baby!
— Meg, Utah

We are SO grateful for the opportunity that we had to work with Brooke. She was kind, thorough, patient, and incredibly supportive. Her written plan was incredibly detail-oriented — exactly what we needed for successful implementation. Our baby girl used to wake up about 7 times/night and now wakes up once for a quick meal and then falls asleep happily until morning. She’s so much happier and well-rested and so are we!! Our quality of life has improved drastically and we attribute that huge gift to Brooke. I have and will continue to recommend her to every parent who could use any sleep help and support.

— Rebecca, Oklahoma

As much as we love our 1 year old daughter Daisy, we have NOT loved waking up every 2-4 hours at night for the past year. Brooke saved the day for our sanity, and for the past two weeks, our babe has been sleeping 10-12 hours STRAIGHT through the night without a peep. It only took us about three days of following Brooke’s plan to achieve the goals she set for us: the long, nighttime sleep period; two naps a day; and simple bedtime routines where we could put our baby in her crib while still awake. We couldn’t be happier with Brooke or the results. She spent a good amount of time talking with us, gathering info, and creating our sleep plan, and has been available for quick questions whenever we needed. Her knowledge of all things sleep related, and her empathy and understanding for our situation was so lovely. We wish we had been able to use Brooke’s services 5 years ago with our oldest daughter!! Hire Brooke if you’re a sleep deprived won’t regret it.
— Jess, Utah

Brooke was the best thing that could have happened to us with our 10month old! We were all completely sleep deprived and had a grumpy baby, mommy and daddy. By night 2 my baby was sleeping through the night. We couldn’t believe it only took one night. He apparently was very ready but we weren’t armed with the tools to help him have good sleep habits. Naps during the day took a little longer for him to get down but two weeks later he is an awesome sleeper (taking 2 solid naps and sleeping 7pm-7am) and is the happiest baby. Brooke was amazing to work with and has helped us drastically get our lives back with a easy to follow and effective (individualized) plan.
— Randii, Utah

I’m so glad I got in touch with Brooke! We were all so sleep-deprived and didn’t know what to try next. Little man woke up 13 times the first night! But by the end of her program, we were enjoying two solid naps during the day, a quick and pleasant bedtime, and only one night nursing. Baby boy seems so much happier - and of course, I am too! Brooke was a joy to work with; very flexible and understanding, but pushed me to do my best to follow the research-based program she put together. She was right: I was impressed by how quickly and how well Little Man learned better sleep habits. She gave us the gift of sleep - and for a young mom, it doesn’t get much better than that!
— Ivy, Indianna

When we reached out to Brooke I was exhausted. It had been a year of no sleep and numerous hours spent researching the best ways to get our baby to sleep. Figuring out how to get more sleep became an all consuming effort for us will little success. So we contacted Brooke and I’m so glad we did! Our 1 yr old was waking up 3-4 times a night and the only way to get him back to sleep was to nurse. He would also wake randomly in the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep for 2 hrs just wanting to “play.” After just a few nights implementing Brooke’s plan our son was sleeping 11-13 hrs straight during the night. I couldn’t believe just a few nights earlier we were all getting such little sleep!

Brooke took the guess work out of sleep for us which was a big deal. She worked with us to figure out a plan we were comfortable with and then supported us along the way. She was there when we needed to make adjustments, she let us know when things were normal so we didn’t worry and let us know what to expect so we were prepared. I would highly recommend Brooke’s services. My only regret is that we didn’t try this earlier.
— Alyson, Utah

I am so fortunate to have Brooke help our family, more specifically, my 3 1/2 year old sleep! She struggled getting to sleep without putting up a huge fight and after 2-3 weeks of using the tools Brooke suggested, she is now going to sleep without a peep. I fully recommend Brooke for any age child you need help with. She was easy to work with and directive through the whole process.
— Kayli, Utah

Brooke gave us the tools, knowledge and support we needed to take this leap! I was amazed at how well my son reacted the first night after so many failed attempts before on our own with a variety of methods. Our overall health and home life have improved greatly since working with Brooke!
— Kelly, Idaho

We have a baby girl who was 8 months old at the time we started working with Brooke. We weren’t able to get her to sleep until between midnight and 3am every night and naps were very sporadic. Needless to say, we were miserable. We had our initial phone consultation with Brooke, but due to scheduling conflicts, we weren’t able to start the two-week sleep training until nearly two weeks later. However, we started implementing many of the things that Brooke suggested to us right off the bat. Our girl started improving almost immediately and my husband and I both felt that we had already gotten our money’s worth before our two-week sleep training even started!! The difference was night and day (pardon the pun!). Our baby is now taking two naps a day with very little protest, and sleeping 12-13 hours per night!
Do it! It is sooo worth it!
— Kara, Utah

I was referred to Brooke because our two-year-old son has always had trouble with sleeping. He would wake up multiple times in the night screaming because of night terrors, and would only take a short nap between 45 minutes to an hour during the day. I called Brooke to do a free 15-minute consultation and immediately knew she could help us based on the questions she asked and suggestions she offered. After just a few minutes, she seemed to understand our son’s sleep problems better than we did!

Once we started working with Brooke, I was really impressed with the time she spent talking to me over the phone. She asked very specific questions around my son’s lifestyle and sleep environment and then created a plan that not only provided me and my husband with clear direction, but that helped us understand all of the components around creating a successful sleep environment. I appreciated how strict she was in helping us follow the sleep plan she created. Each morning when we followed up with her about the previous day, she offered corrections, suggestions, and encouragement for the next day. This consistency and support was crucial to our son’s success.

It has been a month since we started working with Brooke, and our son rarely experiences night terrors. He has been getting a full nights sleep and seems so much more rested in the mornings. The few times he has woken in the night have been a result of my husband and I not following his plan exactly. We expect that with exactness and consistency we will get rid of his night terrors all together. The past month has been so reassuring.

Thank you Brooke for your time and expertise! You’ve given our family a gift we will appreciate for years to come!
— Ellie, Missouri

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