Hi there! I'm Brooke and I'm guessing that you and I have something in common -   a love for sleep.

I've always felt like sleep should be a priority, but nothing solidified that belief more than becoming a mother. After the birth of my first child, I quickly realized how imperative being well-rested was to my and my entire family's well-being. I became sleep deprived more than I ever imagined possible. As the months went on, it was starting to show that my baby wasn't getting the rest he needed, either. I started to devour every bit of infant sleep advice I could, wading through all the conflicting advice for a way to teach my baby healthy sleep habits that would serve him and the rest of us well. After over two years of trying what I would have described as everything, we turned a corner after hiring a sleep consultant ourselves. Finally, everyone in our house was getting the sleep they needed. What grew from years of researching, reading, and discussing, was an absolute passion for infant and child sleep.  

I decided to take my passion and do something with it. I wanted to help other families out of the desperate and utterly exhausted place I had been. I received formal training and my certification as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant from the Family Sleep Institute.

Helping infants and children learn to sleep well is what I love to do and I am excited to share my passion with you!

Contact me today to set up a free 15-minute initial consultation to learn more about my services and how I can help your family.

Education & Training

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Family Sleep Institute

Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, Brigham Young University

Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Child Care, American Academy of Pediatrics

Lactation Management Training, Lactation Education Resources

Sleep Consulting with Families Who Have Children with Special Needs, Debbie Sasson, PsyD

Parent Coaching, Sasha Carr, PhD

Child Behaviors and How to Find the Right Language for Success, Sharyn Timerman

The Incidence, Pathophysiology, and Treatment of GERD During Infancy, Warren Shaprio, MD

Childhood Nutrition, Jill Castle, RD, LDN




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